Should the blog have a particular topic?

I’ve been thinking. Maybe if I want my blog to serve a purpose, I should use it to do something that I HAVE THE TIME to do, instead of trying to think of it as writing practice and possible venue for the rougher draftings of the novel pages, short story tries, etc.

Wouldn’t this blog be cool if it were devoted to reviewing movies? Kids’ movies? Surf’s Up was fantastic. It is satirizing this other movie that I didn’t see. It’s smart, funny and extremely well-casted.

I heard this thing on Fresh Air about Zooey Deschanel and how she’s also a singer. If I’d seen Elf I would have already known that.

See how writing only about movies wouldn’t work?

Then I thought I could spend a lot of time writing about Sales. But I don’t know anything about Sales.

Food. But the Food network is already saying it. So is,,,, et al.

So I will continue to write about whatever occurs to me.

And it will continue to be boring and vain sometimes.

And I will continue to feel conflict over the whole idea of blogging and whether or not I’m the kind of self-promoter who does it. I am. But I have guilt. Thanks Protestantism. I am so glad I was raised in your clutches.

I think I converted my brother to the Libertarian way of thinking this past week.

This boy I used to love asked me if I would vote for Obama. I said I would not. He said I should vote for Hillary because she is a girl (do you see why I no longer love him?).

Why doesn’t Hillary have a last name? All the other candidates are known by their last names. Hillary is just Hillary. Is the notion that women will not always have the same last name so deeply ingrained? I don’t have a last name at work. I only introduce myself as April, even though I love my last name.


Author: April Line Writing

Writing about whatever the f*ck I want.

3 thoughts on “Should the blog have a particular topic?”

  1. My thinking is that Hillary is Hillary to differentiate her from Bill. This is not the subtle undercut or implication of disrespect that it seems to be. No one would be that petty would they?-B.

  2. I loved Surf’s Up, too.I have been reading that blogs are supposed to have a tight focus. Bleh. Mine doesn’t. It’s all about me and my thoughts to get them out of my head so they stop making me insane.šŸ™‚

  3. Likewise…the blog goes a long way towards spending more time on the un-insane side of the fence. I have a post brewing just now that will hopefully exorcise at least one of my current demons!Maybe blogs with tight focuses are for people who are tightly focused, and that way of living sounds endlessly boring to me. hehe.

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