Busy Busy Busy Busy

Sometimes, yes. Being a grown up does suck immense amounts of donkey schlong. But being a grown up rocks sometimes:

When I make decisions that will save money (canceling the cable aspect of my bundle and cutting the extra media cost in half, changing the cell phone bill, making more coffee at home).

Small successes at work (beating the senior member in sales during March).

Being able to replace the broken washer and dryer.

Light at the end of the EXTREMELY bad credit tunnel.

Small, nice things that make my highly overwrought mother’s obscenely difficult life just a wee bit easier (cooking dinner sometimes and enrolling Pearl in day care for two days a week).

Staying up late with Northern Exposure and a glass of wine (that was on sale).

Doing all of these things and still being able to drive to Baltimore on my day off to visit my younger, fabulous sister, get Pearl new clothes for Spring, and go to Trader Joe’s for good cheese, inexpensive organic milk and marvelous produce.

Oh sometimes life is just good.


Author: April Line Writing

Writing about whatever the f*ck I want.

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