Dillsburg & Fates

Tonight I drove back from York via Pennsylvania Rte 74 N.

York is a gorgeous town. It’s huge, urban, fabulous. There is a vacuum hospital. Can you imagine? I don’t need to imagine anymore!

But about 20 miles later, 74 cuts through Dillsburg, and as I drove through I was swept back in time a dozen years. I was in high school and not long for my profession as a Christian. I’d switched churches and started hanging out with this girl Lorraine. She and I met from Bible Quizzing. Bible Quizzing is the only thing from church I still miss. Competitive memorization and smartness. Boss.

Anyway, Lorraine’s family (which was just her and her mom) had more money than any family I’d met to date. We ate a lot of Crab Rangoon and Ben&Jerry’s from the Giant grocery about 1/2 mile from the house L and her mom shared. The money thing is only relevant inasmuch as the exoticness of people-with-money I perceived and the awe I felt. They weren’t people who acted like they had money, and now I’m not even sure they had soooo much money, it’s just that they had more money than anybody I’d ever met.

I’ve lost track of a lot of friends, but Lorraine is one of the only friends I’ve consistently regretted losing track of.

And recently, I’ve been selling cars to some of her High School cohorts.

I think this is what the Cosmos does when it wants me to relocate old friends.


Author: April Line Writing

Writing about whatever the f*ck I want.

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