It’s not really possible

That almost 10,000 people have visited this blog, is it? I have that counter thing set to “unique hits,” too.

I got it here.

Any savvier-than-I folks care to weigh in on this matter? Jim already told me where to get a good web counter, but I forgot, so I just did a google search. You know, when i was a girl, google was not a verb.

By the way, folks. It’s snowing. Don’t that just beat the band?! It’s a good thing my dad lent me the giant car that sucks in the snow & has transmission issues, since the fan in my car’s broken.

Maybe I should be like that woman who was in serious credit card debt and started a website/blog soliciting donations to help her out of it, making absurd (but funny) promises about how she would not spend her credit once she got it paid down. I mean, if she can get out of like 100K of credit card debt, surely I could raise 20K to buy a car as a single mom, right?

What’s more–that woman got a job working as a fashion writer from her desperation and financial irresponsibility! WTF?! I can’t find this woman online, but I read about her in some print medium. Maybe one of you 10,000 readers saw the same piece and will better remember where to find it. Post a comment link, fools.

Speaking of single-mom-dom, here’s this very affirming link for folks who find this single mom thing amazing, or for those of you who are single moms (If there are really almost 10,000 hits, you can’t all be my friends, can you?)—

In Praise of Single Moms

Thank You, Thank you very much.


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