We got Cable

Yes. We did. So far, my brother watched most of Mission Impossible. I have watched one episode of house, and now am watching The Office on tbs. This show is pretty ridiculous.

Our Cable Guy, however, though terribly sweet, was utterly inept. A VERY nice fellow. But hopelessly stupid. Kind, but bad at life.

Bruce McCulloch says, “never trust a man who repeats himself.” In this case, never trust a woman who…

Anyway. Since you’re not supposed to trust me, I’m going to tell you now about my Cable Tech’s Mac Faux Pas. Apparently, my cable tech is “not real familiar with Macs.” He actually gave me the tippy-top-secret IP address, login name and passcode to allow the techs to register each new user. Then, he called at least 4 people to try to figure out how to configure a Mac with the system. I have a Gateway wireless modem. But because we set up a security protocol (or maybe for some other reason), the password for Airport isn’t the same as the password for comcast. soooo, my inept Comcast tech went away saying, “I’ve done all I can do.” Which, of course, he had.

So I ran an errand or two and returned to try something that it seemed that my Tech couldn’t figure out how to do: use the actual WEP passcode to log on to the april line network with Airport. I did. It worked. And now I’m wireless. So are you.

We’ve got not strings.


Author: April Line Writing

Writing about whatever the f*ck I want.

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