The Feelies

Has anybody ever heard of the Feelies? I got this CD a few months ago at a tag sale, I think. Of course, since a lot of people who deserve recognition in the music industry don’t ever really get it, I’m in the habit of testing out music I’ve never heard of before–especially if the price is right. I believe I Picked this up for about $0.25.

But this is seriously, honestly, the WORST CD I’ve ever heard. It’s like what would happen if the younger, half-retarded brothers of Velvet Underground, Weezer and The Beach Boys all got together and engaged in a 10-track project full of too many totally boring bars of repeating licks. I should have turned it off after the first track.

It is self-indulgent.
It is boring.
It is non-memorable.

At this point, finding out the title of the album would require too much energy. But I’m pretty sure this is their only one. YUCK!!

Anyway. If you find it in the Wal Mart bargain bin, leave it there.


Author: April Line Writing

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2 thoughts on “The Feelies”

  1. i think you need to do some homework. the feelies are quite important. without them, no rem etc etc etc et al ad infinitum. fyi:bloggers are the living definition of self-indulgent

  2. That’s interesting.Perhaps Anonymous should like to scroll up to where I say I think blogging is vain (and I do. I’m willing to admit my vanity–self-indulgence and vanity being somewhat synonymous) in the name of homework-doing. Also, I sincerely doubt that the Feelies physically birthed Michael Stipe. Madonna’s important. That doesn’t mean I like her. I also think it’s kind of interesting that an anonymous poster who believes that bloggers are the living definition of the self-indulgent both reads blogs, has intense reactions to them & then anonymously makes grumpy comments. This is a level of passive-aggression and involvement that might make blogs important, as indeed they are, even though they’re vain. That’s why I make one.I probably would have liked the Feelies if I’d been older than 8 when they made their last album. But now, in 2008, I am wholly unimpressed and there’s really no crime in that. Is there? So, Anonymous, I’m sorry to have offended your tender, elitist and– no doubt–comprehensive understanding and knowledge of all things pop music since 1950. I only wish that Anonymous posters would refrain from ducking behind anonymity and accept their right to disagree, loudly and often. How much more fun would this exchange be then?Cheers!

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