Edna spent an hour in the bathtub.

she floats in the tub, her breasts erect, nipples islands. she feels her bladder shift, full, and press against her uterus. it is odd to hold her pee underwater. last time was ages ago because an older kid told her there was a chemical that turned pee red to catch pool pissers. she remembers being afraid of getting sucked down the drain as a child; compressed, tubular, and spat out into a world of mome wraths and scum monsters who dealt cards. now she reads a romance, watches the pages crimp under her wet touch. giggles at the thought of a wet touch. wishes for her own plastic lover, like fabio-on-the-cover. hopes for warm palms to cover her tits: submerge them in water and love.


Author: April Line Writing

Writing about whatever the f*ck I want.

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